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Positive reviews and media-awards are meaningful if there is an accumulation of awards from diverse publications over time. Shunyata products have earned a combined 23 media awards demonstrating consistent results over time. Some of the most recognized high-end audio publications, including The Absolute Sound, The Audio Beat, SoundStage!, Stereophile, HiFi Technique (Hong Kong), Audio Stream and HiFi Plus (UK) have given Shunyata Research major product awards, including Product Of The Year, multiple times. Editors Robert Harley (TAS), Michael Fremer (Stereophile), Marc Mickelson (TAB) and Lincoln Cheung (HiFi Technique, HK) are all regarded as having some of the finest ears in the industry. All of these industry luminaries not only chose Shunyata products, but have used them as their references for more than a decade.

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