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Product Details
Pass Labs XP-30 3 Chassis Reference Preamp

The XP-30 is a three-piece modular preamplifier consisting of one control/power supply chassis and two additional gain chassis each containing analog signals of a single channel. The XP-30 generates less noise, crosstalk and distortion while delivering greater dynamic range, gain, output voltage and output current. But it is the sound, not the technical excellence, that truly makes this a breakthrough instrument.

Awards and Reviews

Editors' Choice Award 2017
The Absolute Sound

Recommended Components 2015

"Ignite the imagination and accelerate your heart rate to thousands audiophiles worldwide"

"Super quiet, super transparent and a sense of tone and purity to die for"
Positive Feedback

"the Pass Laboratories XP-30 is an incredible linestage preamplifier and, in my experience, easily one of the best of its kind."
Parttime Audiophile

"Parttime audiophile Editors Choice"
Parttime Audiophile

Best Audio Gear - 2018
The Absoulte Sound

Recommended Components - 2018

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