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Amplifiers - Stereo

FLAGSHIP STEREO POWER AMPLIFIER - Award-winning single-ended stereo amplifier with 2 x 450 W · Unlimited power reserves each with a 1000 VA main transformer and 24 high current MOS FETs per channel · Consistent dual-mono design for absolute load stability.

Class A/AB high current MOS-FET stereo amplifier · 2 x 225/335 W (8/4 Ω) · 1000 VA toroid transformer 3 power supplies.

Stereo amplifier with powerful 2 x 325 W/channel · Linear power supply with 700 VA power transformer · 2 separate power supplies for absolute load stability · Connections for two separately switchable loudspeaker outputs.
Boulder 3060 Stereo Power Amplifier

There are projects that contradict conventions and redefine striving for perfection. Attempts are made to push the boundaries of what is thought to be possible. These projects involve countless hours of research, experimentation, and hard work, with each step along the way creating small improvements. When accumulated, these small improvements mean big leaps forward. They embody the very concept of what it takes to be the best and the results are breathtaking. Just like the 3060.
Boulder 2160 Stereo Power Amplifier

Great products don’t just appear, they evolve, built on the foundations of things that came before them. The 2160 is the stereo amplifier that replaces and surpasses Boulder’s venerable 2060, a brilliant amplifier that earned dozens of awards world-wide. The electronics have been updated with leading-edge technology and the look has evolved with style that is both subtle and elegant. The 2160 remains uniquely Boulder. That is, it looks, feels, and sounds better than anything you’ve ever heard.
Boulder 1160 Stereo Power Amplifier

The art of technological progress, beautifully expressed in the art of visual design, in an amplifier of truly remarkable ability. Let us present to you the Boulder 1160. Awe-inspiring and modern, yet staying true to Boulder’s long-standing guiding principle: maximize performance. Every circuit has been refined and every mechanical detail has been optimized. Everything about the 1160 is executed to a spectacularly high standard. As a result, it is exactly what you would expect: brilliant.
Boulder 860 Stereo Power Amplifier

All parts of the 860 Stereo Amplifier, every piece of metal, every circuit, is created and assembled in-house by our own craftsmen and technicians. Boulder is the last high-performance audio manufacturer in North America to proudly hold this degree of quality control over our own designs.
Dan D'Agostino Momentum S250 Stereo Amplifier

The Momentum S250 stereo amplifier delivers the extraordinary sound quality of the Momentum M400 monoblock in a more affordable stereo design. The circuit topology and construction of the stereo amplifier mirror those of the monoblock, using the same ultra-efficient copper heat sinks with venturi cooling, the same 1% metal-film resistors, the same 69 MHz output transistors and the same fully complementary balanced configuration. The result is audio fidelity equaled by no other amplifier—except, of course, the Momentum M400 monoblock itself—and an efficient design that consumes less than 1 watt of power at standby.
Dan D'Agostino Progression Stereo Amplifier

The Progression Stereo Amplifier extends the Progression family with a potent stereo amplifier. Leveraging our innovative Super Rail circuitry, first unveiled in the Progression Mono, the Progression Stereo amplifier exploits this unique technology delivering remarkable control and fidelity to any connected loudspeaker.
Dan D'Agostino Classic 2

The Classic 2 is the most cost-effective way to experience the incomparable sound quality of Dan D'Agostino Master Audio Systems. Its core technologies are heavily based on the design of D'Agostino's acclaimed Momentum amplifiers. The sound combines the immense power and current needed to drive even the most exotic speakers with a subtle, sweet musicality normally associated with much smaller amplifiers. With the Classic 2, there is no need to worry about finding the right amplifier for your speakers...because the Classic 2 is the right amplifier, no matter what speakers you own.
Krell Duo 300 Stereo Power Amplifier

300 Watt/ch stereo amplifier, with Krell iBias technology.
Krell Duo 175 Stereo Power Amplifier

175 Watt/ch stereo amplifier, with Krell iBias technology.
Pass Labs XA30.8 Class A Stereo Amplifier

An exceptional stereo power amplifier on many levels -- high-biased MOSFETs providing higher-power class A operation, direct-coupled front-end circuitry for exceptionally high stability and larger, more robust heats sinks similar to those of the larger .8 amplifiers. The list goes on, but listening may tell you the XA30.8 represents a value high-point -- quite possibly your particular optimal balance between performance and cost.
Pass Labs X350.8 Stereo Power Amplifier

At 350 watts per channel class A/B, the X350.8 is the largest and most powerful stereo power amplifier of Pass Labs line-up. Because we care more about how holistic design affects the musical experience and relatively less about how parts affect specifications, you can expect superb and accurate representation of the recording performance and venue, as well as the distinctive layering of instruments captured faithfully.
Pass Labs X250.8 Stereo Amplifier

This stereo class A/B model represents a step up in power and performance from the X150.8 and, like all of our products, has been painstakingly designed, tweaked, redesigned and fine-tuned to deliver maximum musical enjoyment. This hard work and creativity results in a greater “look-back” at the original musical performance, conveying additional insight to the artist’s creative intent. Isn't that what it's all about?