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FLAGSHIP STEREO POWER AMPLIFIER - Award-winning single-ended stereo amplifier with 2 x 450 W · Unlimited power reserves each with a 1000 VA main transformer and 24 high current MOS FETs per channel · Consistent dual-mono design for absolute load stability.

The power amplifiers OVATION MA 8.2 and SA 8.2 deliver nearly any desired power level even into critical loudspeakers without loss of control over the loudspeaker. Far over 1200 Watts into 4 Ohms with the MA 8.2 and over 600 Watts with the SA 8.2 are surely sufficient for reproduction of any kind of music, even when listening at original sound levels. Nevertheless, both amplifiers can also play at moderate levels without loosing precision or missing even finest details and the may reproduce also the intimate atmosphere of a i.e. chamber orchestras.

The new generation of the OVATION MA 8.2 and SA 8.2 have been developed by music lovers for music lovers to satisfy even highest demands on reproduction of music. Forget about noise and distortion and enjoy it’s warm and powerful music reproduction – regardless which loudspeaker you use, regardless which music style you prefer and whatever volume you like.

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