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Product Details

Stereo amplifier with powerful 2 x 325 W/channel · Linear power supply with 700 VA power transformer · 2 separate power supplies for absolute load stability · Connections for two separately switchable loudspeaker outputs.

A stunning sound quality unheard of in this class combined with enormous power and a reduce-to-the-max design make heads turn for the SA 3.2. Perfectly machined and handcrafted aluminum cases without visible screws make the SA 3.2 an aesthetic appearance. The entire massive aluminum housing also serves as heat sink for the amplifier. Two SA 3.2 combined will add up in width to just all other EVOLUTION components. In height the SA 3.2S equals the components of the EVOLUTION 3.2 series, a perfect match to the PA 3.2 and CD 3.2. Standard finishes are aluminum silver or black anodized; a chrome front may be supplied as an option.

The high efficiency switching amplifier transforms as much as 95% of the energy delivered from the linear power supply into music. Dissipating heat it minimal and may almost be neglected. With its huge power the SA 3.2 easily handles all sorts of loudspeakers at all volume levels, even critical speakers with a low efficiency. A smooth over all feedback loop ensures a high damping factor and by this an excellent control over the connected loudspeaker.

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