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Modular preamplifier with optional in/output modules: Line, Phono, DAC, FM Tuner, AVM OVATION 803 T tube module · Fully balanced & DC coupled signal path · Ball-bearing-mounted rotary controls · Includes RC 3 full aluminum remote control.

In the OVATION Line traditionally the most complex and costly AVM units are to be found. Consequently the focus in only on the one important thing: Perfect sound reproduction. Just like the musicians intended their compositions to sound like in the original. Reaching this simply phrased goal is a difficult task which requires an enormous amount of musical sensitivity, and exactly this can be found at AVM already since its foundation in 1986. We put our engineering art and creativity to use in order to design and implement this into our components made for music reproduction in your home. AVM has been awarded with countless reference titles and our components are used worldwide as permanent reference instruments for numerous speciality audio magazines.

The OVATION MA 8.2 and SA 8.2 power-amps rank amongst the very best power amplifiers already since many years. This made it easy to phrase the expectations against a matching OVATION Line pre-amplifier: It needs to be the perfect. Starting the realization of our second generation OVATION pre-amp our focus was not only on defending reference titles and to rank amongst the best of the best. Numerous new technologies and components have become available in recent years as well as new circuit designs and architectures were tried out in series of prototypes: Now these concepts were matured to the degree to be ready to be deployed in a reference pre-amp going to regular production. All this followed just one uncompromised path: The best of the best is just good enough.

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