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HRS Audio Stands

HRS high performance audio stands are designed to make your equipment look great, provide excellent performance, and have a modular engineering architecture that can adjust to your system needs. Every HRS Audio Stand is made to our exacting standards and finished by our experienced craftsmen. They are available in a very wide range of performance and finish options so that you can create an audio stand that is ideal for your system.
HRS Isolation Bases

The HRS Isolation Bases are a primary element for significantly reducing structural borne noise in any audio or video component. All of our isolation bases are designed based on unique engineering architecture first invented by HRS in the 1990’s and perfected ever since. They are designed to be used on any surface, with your existing furniture or can load at any time directly into the HRS Audio Stand Frame Systems.
HRS Chassis Noise Reduction Products

The HRS Nimbus and Damping Plate Products significantly reduce component chassis noise. They are manufactured from billet machined aluminum alloys and a custom polymer material developed by HRS specifically for the audio industry. The range of sizes designed and manufactured by HRS provides you with the capability to optimize the performance of any size audio component and a wide range of chassis designs.
HRS Analog Disk Record Weights

Highly innovative designs that hold a record to the turntable platter while eliminating record groove and turntable bearing noise, revealing a new level of musical fidelity from your vinyl music collection. The HRS record weights are available in different models so that you can select the one that will provide the best performance for your turntable design.
Stillpoints Equipment Suspension Support (ESS) Rack

Stillpoints technology to the fullest, richest, most spectacular. The ESS rack was designed to be an effective vibration isolating structure that looked appealing but did not overwhelm the look of what was placed on it. In fact, the original inspiration for the design was a display rack assembly to which Stillpoints engineered its technology. The result is an open design that allows for ultimate ventilation, low mass for low energy storage, yet high strength for tremendous load carrying capacity.
Stillpoints Ultra 6

The Ultra 6 is the best Stillpoint to date for electronics.
Stillpoints Ultra 5

The best Stillpoint for floor standing loudspeakers.
Stillpoints Ultra SS

The first in the line of Ultra filters. Wonderful all-around performer, under electronics, attached to loudspeakers.
Stillpoints Ultra Mini

Our entry level Ultra filter. All of the technology, just reduced to the smallest package.
Stillpoints OEM Flush Mount Ultra SS

The OEM Flush Mount Ultra SS was designed for manufacturers to use at the base of loudspeakers or in between multiple speaker cabinets.
Stillpoints ULTRA LPI

LP Isolator (LPI) - The LPI slips over the spindle of your turntable and rests on the label portion of the LP.
The LPI absorbs the micro vibrations that are present at the label area, and makes the reproduction clearer, cleaner, more delicate, more open, and lifelike. The LPI Short Spindle is compatible with many turntables. The LPI Long Spindle works with turntables that incorporate a longer than average spindle.
Stillpoints OEM STAND OFF

Stillpoints Isolating Stand Offs are made in several sizes.
Stillpoints Aperture Acoustic Panels

The Stillpoints Aperture acoustic panels represent a whole new form of acoustical treatment. The Stillpoints Aperture is actually three products in one: an absorber, a diffuser, and a resonator. Due to its revolutionary design, it is impossible to directly compare the performance parameters of the Stillpoints Aperture to a conventional acoustic panel made of fiberglass. The performance specifications of the Stillpoints Aperture continually adapt to the dynamic changes in amplitude and frequency of the audio/video system generating the wave forms within the acoustical environment. At any given amplitude and frequency a “snapshot” measurement of performance could be taken, but, that static measurement does not explain the reality of how the Stillpoints Aperture actually performs.